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EaterWire: Circo Gas Leak, Southwest Porch Open

MIDTOWN EASTOsteria del Circo will be closed tonight due to a gas leak. The good news is the Maccionis are offering 25% off at their sister restaurant Le Cirque. [EaterWire]

BRYANT PARK— The 'wichcraft/Southwest Airlines popup Southwest Porch is now open to the public (see photo above). [EaterWire]

UPPER EAST SIDE— A good tidbit coming from @benleventhal in Aspen: "Per Alan Stilman this AM at Amex panel, the yearly cost to overhaul Park Avenue 4x (Summer, Spring, Fall, and Winter) is $250K." [Twitter]

NEWSPAPERMEN— And FYI: Mark Bittman is running a marathon. [Well]

Le Cirque

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