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Top Chef Masters Ep 2: Dufresne Gets Bleeped

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Last night hometown hero Wylie Dufresne battled a bunch of other well meaning professional chefs from around the country to win $10k for some charity. We'll offer a 37 word recap and a link to some full rundowns across the internet below, but first, what we really care about, The Wylie Highlights.

· Wylie gets bleeped nine times! No one else swears at all and this guy's throwing expletives left and right and running around like a maniac. Love.

· Wylie, when he realizes Top Chef alums were the qf judges: "I always worry I'm going to run into one of those chefs five years from now that I criticized and they're going to break a bottle over my head or something."
· Best Wylie quote: "I'm fascinated about what goes on in a bag of chips"
· Also: "If I had my druthers I would have been a professional athlete. but I'm not particularly fast or strong or tall. Ultimately I gravitated towards cooking because it reminded me a lot of playing sports." Huh.
· Overall, Wylie seems confident going into the qf but out of sorts by the time he gets around to his chicken and egg dish. That said he impressed both sets of judges and finishes a respectable (SPOILER, spolier, don't freak out it's a spoiler) third place.

37 word recap: Wylie, Graham, Elizabeth, Suzanne. QF: vending machine. Judges: TC alums Betty, Ilan, Michael. Suzanne's onion rings beat Wylie's grilled cheese. EC: food found on Lost. Wylie goes molecular, makes killer chicken/egg dish. Judges coddle. Suzanne wins.

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