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Get Restaurant News and Gossip on Second Eater Twitter

Those of you who aren't following the @eaterny Twitter feed (srsly, why aren't you following?) may not be aware that the auto re-tweet feature has turned it into an instant Chowhound of sorts, where users ask the crowd simple restaurant-related questions—"is Sripraphai still the best thai?"—and receive dozens of answers within the hour. It's something we didn't really anticipate but absolutely enjoy. For those of you who just want to catch up on news and tidbits from the Eater Team, today we're launching @eaterwire. Follow one, follow both. And for a snippet of a great thread on @eaterny, see below.

Ask: "Was asked to pick an old-school Italian spot for dinner tonight below 14th Street. Have any faves out there?" 2 hours ago.