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Good News/Bad News: Jo's

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Jo's, a casual neighborhood bistro, opened three weeks ago in what used to be The Tasting Room, and Nolita locals have been busy sampling the fare. Reviewers either loved or loathed the restaurant's modern take on comfort food, but so far everyone's in agreement that the cocktails, at least, are worth it:

The Good News, But...: Jo's didn't meet one Yelper's high expectations: "For dinner I started with the octopus with celery leave salad, it was a little chewy, I though it could have used a little more char. Following that I had the mussels with the chorizo and the duck breast. The duck was perfectly done and my favorite of the evening, succulent with just the right amount of fat and a nice rosemary reduction. The non-winner of the night was a blackboard special called "meat in a cup." This was described as a brisket pate, well it was a little dry and not very easy to spread on the accompanying toast....I would recommend Jo's, but more as a place to hang and nosh as opposed to dine. They had a pretty nice bar scene in the front." [Yelp]

The Mixed News: For one Yelp reviewer, the good and bad came alongside each other: "The English pea soup was delicious and the bread was heavenly. The fries were not terrific but the dipping sauce was. One of us had a pasta dish that was perfect. Alas, the same can't be said for the was uneven and a bit tasteless." [Yelp]

The Great News: A reviewer on New York Magazine raves, "Went there last night for dinner with a friend who was visiting. Service was friendly and knowledgeable. Our server, Rebecca, had excellent recommendations. All our dishes were delicious. We had the arugula salad w/ watermelon and goat cheese, garganelli pasta, the pork shank, fries with spiced mayo and ketchup and the chocolate bread pudding for dessert. Yum! I live in the neighborhood and will be back again and again." [NYMag]

The Emotional News: Writing With my Mouth Full felt a soft spot for Jo's despite its discordant menu offerings: "As I sat down at the marbled bar and looked around the dimly-lit space, I expected tapas with expensive wines. The space looks more handsome than the food offered on the down-to-earth menu. On a chalkboard, burgers and fries; a bowl of skewers joined a plate of Thai-spiced chicken pieces; my pappardelle could have been paired with the arugula salad...Jo’s, named after one of the owners’ mother, might still be having an identity crisis in terms of food while they hash out the details, but while I was there I could feel the love from the owners’ friends and families who showed up to celebrate the opening...I wish Jo’s the best." [Writing With my Mouth Full]

The Suspiciously Ecstatic News: From an overzealous commenter: "I was there last night...and not only is the decor fabulous but the food is amazing! The cocktails were uniquely concocted and tasted great! The french toast fois gras is a must have as well as the pork shank! I can't wait to go back and try the rest of the menu." [Eater Comments]
—Elisabeth Rosen


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