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Stinging Rebuttals: Gavin Mills Responds to Broadway East

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Lower East Side: When Broadway East's third and most recent chef Gavin Mills departed the restaurant, the managing partner told Grub Street that he didn’t have "the experience or business savvy to know there was a serious disconnect between the food and the scene.” Today The Lo Down gets a crucial rebuttal. First, Mills' wife notes that a) he left and was not fired, b) the entire kitchen staff went with him, and c) "Broadway East is a sinking ship that is being run by people who have absolutely no clue about the restaurant industry."

As for Mills, "Mills says he was committed to the idea of 'fine dining' and balked at the suggestion from the owners that he serve up 'pizzas and banana splits.'" Yikes. Meanwhile, the restaurant soldiers on with its confusing identity as a nightlife hotspot/fine dining restaurant with a one time veggie bent and a history of staff upheavals. But don't worry. Patricia Yeo is there to set them on the right course.
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