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Top Chef Masters Sp Sp Sp Spoiler! Nuela's Rodriguez

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Because we caught so much flak for mentioning a dubious Top Chef Masters rumor above the jump yesterday—a-we don't take much stock in those rumors, and b-for such a well meaning snooze of a show, does it really matter who wins?—we're going to run the entirety of a fun little tidbit that just came in below. Click through if you dare.

From sources close to chef Douglas Rodriguez, who opens his new uber delayed restaurant Nuela hopefully sometime in the near future:

"Another Top Chef Masters Spoiler: Rodriguez loses in July after screwing up a ridiculous flaming coconut...he's hiring a camera crew to do a demonstration in a studio to prove that he can do it...he's pissed and embarrassed."
Flaming coconut! Let's hope he doesn't set the lovely Kelly Choi aflame.
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