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Wylie Makes Vending Machine Amuse; One Chef Wins it All

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Those of you who didn't find Top Chef Masters too lacking in drama, tedious fighting, and character development may want to tune in tonight as wd~50's Wylie Dufresne brings his molecular gastronomy techniques to a Lost themed elimination challenge (see him using an immersion circulator to make chicken and eggs here). And even more fun, dude has to create an amuse buche out of products found in a vending machine, an old favorite TC quickfire. Have to say we're interested to see what he comes up with—and so is Gael Greene.

In other Top Chef news, YumSugar points us to a newsletter we've never heard of, YummyLetter, which claims to have a major spoiler. According to their unnamed sources Chicago's Rick Bayless—who competes next week—is bringing home $100,000 to his charity The Frontera Farmer Foundation.
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