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Street Fights: 375 Hudson Wants Wafels and Dinges Out

This morning, the management at the Saatchi & Saatchi building at 375 Hudson told Wafels & Dinges truck workers that they had called the cops on the truck, which has been parked at the corner of Hudson and West Houston for the past three weeks. A building insider told the truck's staff that there had been a concern their presence made the area "look unprofessional". (A tipster heard them say they were "bringing down the class quotient of the neighborhood").

Fittingly, the truck staff then used their specials board to notify customers of the attempted eviction, and devoted fans of the truck have added statements of support. The police have yet to arrive on the scene, but here's hoping they don't get bullied out of their space a la the Sweets Truck in Midtown. Perhaps unrelated: the Jacques Torres shop (which also sells waffles), one little block away, could also benefit from the ousting.
—Leah Herman
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