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A Moveable Tweet: The Latest from the Industry Twitterati

We present the latest edition of A Moveable Tweet, where we take a look at the most intriguing tweets in the restaurant industry.

@GaelGreene: "I give hats not stars in Crain's. Three hats: Cant wait to go back. Two hats: I'll go back. One hat: Let them simmer. No hats: Never again."

@amateurgourmet: "sang a song to my cat, Lolita, called "All The Single Lolas" to the tune of Beyonce's "Single Ladies." Craig walked in and looked worried."

@ruthreichl: "A day away from Twitter, and I can't catch up. So depressing; so much good stuff to read, so little time."

@Lee_Schrager: "Really good dinner at Minetta Tavern- Lionel Richie in the house-- all night long!"

@Gachatz: "I typically don't judge...but when a try out shows up in the kitchen wearing dress shoes...I can't help but wonder."

@gailsimmons: "Chicken for 2 @ Locanda Verde so juicy and delish. Wish I could fit leftovers in my purse. Dinner with @Rosenfeldman hilarious. On 2 dessert"

@roccodispirito: "Do you guys like what I do on NBC's The Biggest Loser?"

@feedbagmeals: "Last Meal: The entire menu at China Grill."

@kkrader: "At minetta with 5.30 res. Embarassing and not so crowded"