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Brand Expansions: Wichcraft To Open Bryant Park Pop Up

Because three 'wichcraft kiosks in Bryant Park isn't enough, Tom Colicchio's sandwich chain will operate a Southwest Airlines-sponsored pop up in the park until September. Flo Fab reports that the summer restaurant, called Southwest Porch will have 175 seats, "at tables, at a bar, and on porch swings and rocking chairs," and strangely, will only be open for lunch on Fridays and dinner on weekdays. And, because we're dealing with a major airline, the sandwiches have city themes! New York's signature sandwich? Pastrami you wonder? Bagel with lox? Nope! Why it's meatball of course.
· Dining on the Porch in Bryant Park [Diner's Journal]
Southwest Porch opens this Friday. See the menu below.