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Eater Contests: Compete in the NYWFF Meatball Madness

As is to be expected, we'll be giving away tickets all summer long to this fall's New York Wine and Food Festival, so if your favorite event is sold out, or you can't shell out $200 to eat 50 burgers, rest easy. That said, today, we're giving away something even better than a ticket.

In honor of the first annual Meatball Madness, an event that will pit some of the best meatballs in the city (from Frankies, The Little Owl, Locanda Verde, Convivio) against one another, we're giving away a chance to compete. So to all you amateur gourmands, small time chefs, and Italian grandmas: tell us why you deserve to go to the show. Send us pics of your meatballs, write in essays, make videos, be creative. The most compelling case sent to by June 29th, two weeks from today, gets to go.* The two runners up will win Meatball Madness tickets.
· Meatball Madness [NYWFF]
*All meat will be provided by Pat La Frieda. Contestants must provide their own transportation to the event.