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EaterWire: JGV Cooks for Obama, Love for Christian Albin

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MIDTOWN EAST— Some exciting news from Crain's: "Award-winning chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten has a big assignment tonight. He is cooking dinner at the United Nations for three past presidents, Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton, as well as the current commander-in-chief, Barack Obama." [Crain's]

GRAMERCY— Both Blackbook and Urban Daddy report on the new Gramercy Russian restaurant/vodka party Mari Vanna. The decor is precious, the portions, heaping, the vodka, abundant. And for an extra bonus: you have to use a doorbell or a key to get in. [BB; UD]

MIDTOWN EAST— Because we're softies for this kind of stuff, an excerpt from a press release just sent out about Four Seasons' recently departed chef Christian Albin: "Albin’s friends and colleagues knew him as a gentle giant and an animal lover who took in strays and looked the other way when wild animals foraged through his garden; An old school chef who never sought fame...A generous man who daily fed the unsung heroes of Midtown Manhattan, including the FedEx and UPS delivery men, parking garage attendants, an electrician and anyone else who ever said 'Chef I’m hungry'; A wordsmith who nicknamed every person who ever worked in the Four Seasons including: Big Bird, El Loco, The Goat, Midnight Suzy, Sunshine, Charlie Fox, Rain Man, Barbie, Head & Shoulders and Goofy." [EaterWire]

LONG ISLAND CITY— The Third Annual NYC Food Film Festival began on Saturday and continues today at Water Taxi Beach. This year mixologist Marshall Altier will be onhand to make drinks inspired by the movie. [NYCFFF]
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