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Empire State Building to Get Schmancy Cocktail Lounge!

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This just in over the PR Wire: Mark Grossich, owner of the schmancy and snooty Campbell Apartment in Grand Central, is converting 3,500 square feet of the ground floor of the Empire State Building into The Empire Room:

"The Empire Room, like the 102 story skyscraper it resides in, will have an Art Deco themed interior and like all of Hospitality Holdings’ venues, will be a sophisticated cocktail lounge with upscale cocktail selections and first-rate service....
'The Empire Room, like our other lounges, will be an architecturally significant space located in an architecturally significant building,” said Mark Grossich...'Similar to our Campbell Apartment, The Empire Room will harken back to the golden age of the 1920s and 30s with its theme, A Toast to Another Time.'"
It remains unclear whether or not they plan to enforce the same absurd, ridiculous, mind-blowing dress code here in tourist hell as they do at the Campbell Apt, but we're going to go ahead and guess that the price for a Manhattan will be hefty.
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