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Obama at Blue Hill Mania, New Pics from the Scene

A tipster forwards some pics from outside Blue Hill during Obama's visit that capture the chaos: crowds, traffic jams, helicopters, the works. Meanwhile, reports and reactions continue to trickle in. Here's a smattering:

From the Times: The Brunster blogs that the Obamas' choice of Blue Hill was all too predictable: "In the very predictability of this choice, in its all-too-neat squaring with the officially sanctioned food agenda, in its absence of surprise or abandon, isn’t it ever so slightly disappointing? Just a little too pat and controlled?" Where should they have eaten, Brunz? "It would have been interesting to watch him bust loose and reach for something rich, messy, decadent, gluttonous: a plate of fatty lamb ribs at Resto; some pâtés and terrines at Bar Boulud; one of the offal dishes at Babbo, that killer bone-in New York strip at Minetta Tavern; the oyster pan roast at the John Dory . . .

From the Daily News: "When they stood up to leave," she continued, "this blasé New York crowd stood up and exploded in spontaneous applause. "Michelle Obama had two martinis, and the President had the wine that accompanied the tasting menu, she said. Hubbe [patron] said she couldn't help but compliment the First Lady. "I told her, 'All politics aside, you look amazing,'" she recalled. "She said it was all about Pilates."

From William Tigertt: "I got an excited text last night from Jasmine Hirsch of Hirsch vineyards that the Obamas were drinking her wine at Blue Hill. They had a 2007 Hirsch Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir. An excellent bottle, my favorite domestic pinot."

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Blue Hill

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