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Greenpeace Stages Peaceful Protest at Nobu

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Photo by Steve Smith

On Saturday night, Greenpeace staged a "guerilla-style" protest of sorts at Nobu downtown, in an effort to get them to stop serving bluefin tuna. 23 activists including Casson Trenor, author of "Sustainable Sushi," sat among 6 tables, passed out fake menus without the bluefin tuna, and engaged the waitstaff with questions. Here's part of the recap from Greenpeace: "We put menus in both the bathrooms, and then pretended to have found one ourselves, and asked our waiter what Greenpeace's problem with Nobu was. He knew it had something to do with bluefin, and let us look over the menu.  Then, the manager came over to confiscate it.  We continued to read it and ask questions, and when we handed it to a nearby table, we were asked to leave." [Eater Inbox]

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