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Give the Obamas a Break

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obamaeating.jpgIn light of this weekend's Blue Hill/Obama hysteria, and Bruni's subsequent blog on their choice of restaurant, Josh Friedland of The Food Section points out how the Obamas' food habits seem to be under an inordinate amount of scrutiny: "First, there was a call for a self-appointed "kitchen cabinet." Then, the debate over naming a new White House chef, and, of course, the great kitchen garden kerfuffle. Finally, to show how the scrutiny has really gotten out of hand, peruse Frank Bruni's critique of the "predictability" of the Obamas' choice of the restaurant Blue Hill for a night out in New York City this past weekend. Cooking is important. Americans' diets are in trouble. But, let's give the Obamas a break." [The Food Section]

Blue Hill

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