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Teary Shutter Signage: Johnney's Fish Grill

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The Broadsheet Daily snags this piece of teary shutter signage from FiDi's Johnney's Fish Grill: a teary-eyed doodle face scrawled on the specials board. Simple, yet effective. Johnney's closed after service last Thursday night and had been open since the early 90s. Some special memories: "But he will also miss "Sally, the bartender, flashing us during lunch," he said with a wistful grin." And, some actually sad ones: "Alfonso, who has worked at Johnney's since 1994, said, "people love this place, but the recession hit us hard. American Express has cut back, and so has Merrill Lynch. Half of our regulars are now out of work." RIP Johnney's. [Broadsheet Daily]