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ChickenGate Day 3: Promo Suspended, Rain Checks Issued

The Oprah endorsed Kentucky Grilled Chicken promotion is now an official, unquestionable FAIL. Given the absolutely bonkers response to the offer of free chicken and sides for two weeks and the meltdown that followed, KFC has suspended the promotion out of fear they will run out of product. The chain will be issuing "rain checks" to coupon holders who either go to a location and fill out a form or go to

If there were riots on day one, imagine the scene when unsuspecting freeloaders show up today to find out they will be forced to leave empty handed. It's going to be bleak out there.

The president of KFC issued a video announcing the predicament. In a typical marketing twist he spins it thusly, "We expected an enormous response, but we never expected anything like this. Clearly America loves the taste of Kentucky Grilled Chicken."

The question is how could they possibly underestimate the power of Oprah and the universal desire for free things? If you give away free chicken, you will run out of free chicken.
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