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A New Chapter for Sam Mason's Tailor: Chapter 11

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Krieger, 7/09/08

Perhaps the whole coupon thing should have been taken a bit more seriously. In a shocking example of late-on-a-Friday bad news, Crain's reports Tailor?chef Sam Mason's Soho foray into the savory and sweet sides of life (and the cocktails that make them both go down easy)?has filed for bankruptcy protection. The typical reason, yatta yatta recession yatta yatta, is given by owner Lauren Weiss, but as Crain's notes, evidence of money troubles at the not quite two-year-old Broome Street blockbuster goes back pre-Lehman. This includes a spat with the landlord over back rent, and $9,000 in unpaid pr and marketing bills. The restaurant now must rally amidst $300,000 in debt and unpaid taxes. Restaurant reps tell us they know nothing about the Chapter 11 filing, probably because they haven't been paid. The restaurant is still open for business.
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