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EaterWire: Hawaiian Tropic Zone Almost Ready, BBQ Truck Down, 4 Star Restos in Decline

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TIMES SQUARE— Thank the Lord, the Hawaiian Tropic Zone is getting ready for its great rebirth. They will be hosting friends and family dinners Tues - Thurs next week to work out the kinks and test out the new menu (though alcohol is sadly not included). Sign up here if you want in. Also, they're on twitter! [EaterWire]

SOHO— PR emails to let us know that the ultimate rooftop semi-private lounge A60, atop the 60 Thompson Hotel wil soft open on May 15 and officially open on June 1. The bar menu, which includes spicy Thai hors d'oeuvres from Kittichai along with some new additions will launch Memorial Day weekend. [EaterWire]

BED STUY— Gothamist reports that the Kings County Barbecue Truck has been temporarily shut down by "the man." They hope to open back up again after getting through some administrative red tape. [Gothamist]

RECESSIONWIRE—A new NYMag piece drives the message home that this recession is crushing high end restaurants and hints that things may never go back to the way they once were. Le Bernardin hasn't renewed its lease, Sirio Maccioni mentions his regrets at opening something so big, while Cipriani has lowered prices by 20%. Choice quote from Sirio: ";People say it is going to change, but it is not going to change. Things have been restructured, and we have to get used to it.” [NYM]

MIDTOWNOpia Restaurant & Lounge on East 57th St reopened on Wednesday after being closed for renos for several weeks. They have two larger terraces, two private roof decks, a new chef Ted Pryor, and a revised menu. [EaterWire]

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