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EaterWire: Snake Head Pic, Satellite Lounge Opens in BBurg, Cereal Milk's Trademarks

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WILLIAMSBURG— Grub Street reports that Rob Sacher, the owner of the now defunct Luna Lounge in Williamsburg, has opened his anticipated Satellite Lounge on Havemeyer and South 2nd. [GS]

EAST VILLAGE— Though Momo enthusiasts may have already noticed this, Gothamist shares the news that Momofuku is in the process of trademarking their Cereal Milk and Crack Pie. We do not, however, think this will stop smart marketers from launching cereal flavored ice creams and getting rich off of them. [Gothamist]

GROSS OUTS— The victim of today's alleged TGI Friday's snake head gross out sends in a blurry shot of the snake to Consumerist (above). [Consumerist]

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