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ChickenGate Day 2: No Riots as Rain Subdues Freeloaders

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So far there have been no reports of KFC Grilled Chicken riots or shortages on day two of the two week long Oprah-endorsed giveaway. But there are some monster lines, and bless his heart, Zach Brooks of Midtown Lunch decided to stand in one:

"55 mins (10 of it in the rain) for $4 worth of chicken and you don’t even get to choose your sides! Worth it? Fuck no!?I could have been the guys behind me who waited all the time only to realize you needed a coupon (which he didn’t have.)"
Meanwhile, Grub Street takes a look at failed fast food promotions of years past, and PETA has released its expected statement, claiming Oprah was deceived into endorsing the chain.
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