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Dutch Kills, Like A Big Milk & Honey by a Queens Overpass

Let it be said here and now that Sasha Petraske has a win with Dutch Kills, his five day-old cocktail den in a barren stretch of Jackson Ave. in Long Island City. Here is why. Fact No 1: It is only two blocks from the subway, three stops from Midtown. Fact No. 2: Drinks are just as good as Milk & Honey but only $9.

Fact No 3: really silly bills (see above). Fact No 4: There is an ATM onsite (place is cash only, natch) and it's hidden behind a door and covered under a cloth. Classy. Fact No. 5: A truck driver on the overpass near the bar screamed "Touch my balls!" at our party as we left.

Also of note: on opening night, the place was already filled to capacity an hour and a half in. Tables are first come first serve, and while they're far from the band in the back, it is absolutely vital to get one.
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