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Top Chef Chronicles: Manuel Trevino IN at 19 Kenmare

This weekend, the City section took at look at what all of the city's Top Chef alumni are up to these days. Leah Cohen and Harold Dieterle are running the shows at Centro Vinoteca and Perilla, Hung Huynh can't get a new backer to save his life, and Nikki Cascone plans on opening a pasta bar downtown by summer 2010. But most interesting is what we learn in the sidebar.

The Times confirms last September's rumors that Manuel Trevino, TC4 alum and former Dos Caminos sous chef, will be the head chef at the forthcoming restaurant at 19 Kenmare, Travertine. The restaurant space, which was taken over by brother and sister team Dustin and Danae Cappelletto last summer after three operators were blocked by Community Board Two, has been severely delayed, but it is now set to open next month.
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