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Getting Sick with Swine at the 5th Annual Duckathlon

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[Photos courtesy Benjamin_Haas/Flickr]

Want to know what happens when a group of overworked restaurant industry folk get to blow off some steam in a room with an endless supply of pigs heads? We're going to show you anyway. Above, some spectacular photos, provided by a worker at yesterday afternoon's Duckathlon. The annual industry only event featured teams from restaurants including Le Bernardin, Daniel, Le Cirque, BLT Steak and more, competing in events like "Match the Testicles to the Animal" and "Swine with a Smile" (seen above). See the full set here. Update: The organizers chime in to let us know who were the big winners: the Grand prize went to Annisa, the Second Place when to Tribeca Grill, and the Third Place went to Jacques Torres.
· 4th Annual D'Artagnan Duckathlon Gallery [~E~]

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