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EaterWire Saturday Special: Obamas Dine at Blue Hill!

Top, Blue Hill. Bottom, spectators gape by Washington Square Park courtesy vonhottie/yfrog

Moments ago, a tipster emailed Eater, "Washington Place blocked off by Secret Service. Obama having dinner? I predict Blue Hill."

Prediction: correct. By way of Eater's Twitter stream, confirmation that Barack and Michelle indeed did (presumably) enjoy a romantic dinner at Dan Barber's West Village temple of locavore excellence. Per @190east: "my neighbors confirm it's Blue Hill. there are secret service on their roof!" Turns out it was a pre-theater dinner. A finer choice, we are inclined to note, our chief executive could not have made. Menu, anecdotes, etc, to follow...
· EaterNY Twitter: Obamas at Blue Hill [Twitter]

UPDATE: More on the First Couple's evening from MSNBC and Politico. Politico color: "His white shirt was unbuttoned at the top, no tie. Mrs. Obama wore a black cocktail dress and black heels. Her hair was up and she held a small blue purse, which I'm informed is called a clutch."

Blue Hill

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