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The Shutter Report: Evolution, Milant, Cheeks, and More

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1) East Village: EVGrieve reports that Evolution, the current name in a series of ever changing titles held by the bar at the corner of 4th and 2nd Avenue is, "...closed. 4-ever. Apparently they did spend all their money on new awnings." [EV Grieve]

2) Murray Hill: Grub Street reports that, "one of 2008’s quirkier newcomers, Moco Global Dining, has closed after a little over a year in business, meaning that if you’ve never tried “misostrone” (you know, miso minestrone?), you never will." [GS]

3) Midtown East: Midtown Lunch asks, "Could this finally be the end for Milant, the little deli (on 39th btw. Lex+3rd) that just two years ago was considered by many to be the best place for sandwiches in Midtown? After a couple of DOH closings, and a noticeable drop in business, Milant was finally sized by the Marshal last week on behalf of their landlord." [ML]

4) Williamsburg: Brooklyn Based shares the sad rumoe that excellent Williamsburg bakery Cheeks, "will soon be closing." [BB]

5) Midtown: Grub Street writes that the vegan friendly Bunchberries has shuttered, "Sign on the door reads ‘After 12 years, we have been forced to terminate operations.’" [GS]

6) Hamilton Heights: Uptown Flavor sends word that Oklahoma Smoke has shuttered, despite its brief run, "Oklahoma Smoke tried to hold on but just couldn’t keep their business going after about 2.5 years in business. They started out strong but as time went on they started to slack off with quality and service." [UF]

7) Lower East Side: Not an epic restaurant shuttered, but we figured it's worth mentioning that the 30 year-old Ruby's fruit and vegetable stand at 400 Grand St. has shuttered. [TLD]
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