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The Plywood Report: Mesa Cayoacan, Iron Horse, Acquedolci, and More!!

1) Fidi: Our roving photog notices a new restaurant and bar space seems to be going in on Peck Slip. Evidence above. [PLYWOOD]

2) Williamsburg: The shuttered Pampa Grill space in Graham Avenue's Fishbowl Building will reopen soon as Mesa Cayoacan. There is a full menu in the window, and the space looks ready to go. [PLYWOOD]

3) Little Italy: Grub Street reports that Giuseppe Ferrara, a former owner of the Italian Food Center (known for great sandwiches) is set to open Acquedolci in the second week of June at the doomed Dom's/Dolce Vita space. [PLYWOOD]

4) FiDi: A spot called Iron Horse is moving into a spot on Cliff St. down near the Seaport. They were putting up this awning (above) on Saturday. The windows are still papered. That URL on the sign doesn't actually resolve to anything. [PLYWOOD]

5) East Village: EVGrieve provides an update on the former Zips Grocery space, "Well, according to a construction worker entering the storefront, the space will be...'an Italian restaurant.'" [PLYWOOD]

6) Chelsea: @danentin tweets on a new Chipotle outpost, "Chipotle's coming to Chelsea in the former Food Bar spot on 8th Ave - no coincidence Qdoba's a few blocks up." [PLYWOOD]

7) Midtown: Midtown Lunch is reporting that the failed Empanda Joe's on 8th Avenue is becoming Roma Pizza, "guessing this will be just another generic 8th Ave. New York City fast food pizza place (aka for the tourists.)" [PLYWOOD]

8) Park Slope: Gothamist brings word someone ele is riding NYC's current hot dog wave. Bark Hot Dogs, a "sustainable approach to fast food," will open next month: "...the restaurant will give some sort of nod to 'environmental initiatives' on the front-of-house side of things, and in a bid for food production transparency will detail ingredient sources on its website. Other early details: the hot dogs are a beef and pork mix, and chef Brandon Gillis, formerly of Franny’s, will join Sharkey in the kitchen." [PLYWOOD]

9) Inwood: A tipster drops a line about a new neighbor up north: "Coming soon to 4894 broadway (204th St): Elsa La Reina de Chicharron (Elsa Queen of the pig skins)." See photo above. [PLYWOOD]

10) Greenpoint: Our roving photog notes that the recently plywooded spot on Norman between Manhattan Ave and Lorimer is going to be called Cup and it hopes to open this coming weekend. [PLYWOOD]