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Plywood Super Duper Special: Gus & Gabriel Gastropub

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Upper West Side: It's been nearly six months since Michael Psilakis' mobbed UWS eatery Kefi vacated its old home on Wesy 79th St. for its factory sized space mere blocks away. A few months ago, Psilakis finally announced what he was doing with the space: a new venture called Gus & Gabriel Gastropub, serving comfort food spot with a low pricepoint. Fast forward to today and the space is still heavily in construction mode but is inching closer to its late June opening. Let's take a quick look around:

Naturally, the space is still small, but there's seating for about fifty in the dining room--which, as of next week, will feature a tin roof--and only five stools at the bar.

As for the concept, Psilakis says, "This is a total departure for me. I'm going from being known for Mediterranean, Greek influenced food to opening an American style gastropub." He's already written the menu, which is heavy on soups, sandwiches, hot dogs, "we've even got a baked ziti." The restaurant won't feature an extensive wine list, only offering six wines by the glass. Instead, Psilakis wants to focus mostly on the oh so '09 "brown booze," including a selection of sixty-three whiskeys and nearly two dozen beers on tap.

We'll let Psilakis close this one out: "I want this to be home style food, without the pretension. When I sit down and make a grilled cheese with my son, I say, 'this is good.' That's what this is about. We're going to serve grilled cheese. It may not be your mother's grilled cheese, but it's mine."
—Matt Duckor
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