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ExpansionWire: Marco Canora Planning Terroir West

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It's working for Fatty Crab, 'inoteca, and Landmarc, so why not for Macro Canora's popular sliver of an East Village wine bar Terroir? We overheard at last night's DBGB sneak preview party that Canora is trying to cut a deal with the landlord of the storefront just south of Dell'Anima on 8th Ave. in the hopes of opening a westside branch of his EVill hit. The problem: Dell'Anima's Joe Campanale wants the space too, though he says he's mostly after the ample storage space in the basement.

The Canora move makes perfect sense given the relatively low overhead of a wine bar and its appeal in recessionary times compared to his more upscale spots Insieme and Hearth. If the landlord decides to turn him (or both suitors) down or CB2 mucks everything up, we expect him to continue his search elsewhere.
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