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Eater Inside: Jo's

[Krieger, 5/26/09]

Nolita: After months of quasi-anticipation and a couple of failed starts, something's finally opening in the old Tasting Room space on 264 Elizabeth Street. Jo's, an American bistro from Jim Chu (White Rabbit), Johnny Santiago, and Kevin Felker, offers up a roster of American classics with some quirky additions. Think Waldorf salad, pork shank, and ribeyes alongside crayfish ravioli, lamb pappardelle, and foie gras french toast. The chef here, Ian Topper-Kapitan, serves both half and full-sized pastas and entrees with or without accompaniments, tailoring to presumably cash-strapped crowds.

As for the space, which never quite developed a flow during its Tasting Room incarnation, it's divided into a 30-seat bar room (check below for the extensive cocktail list, all for $9) with a long white marble bar and a 40-seat rustic (note the antler chandelier) dining room. It opens today at 5pm.

small plates
oysters on the half shell mp
mignonette, cocktail sauce 3/6/12

cheeses $4 per
stinky, sharp, mild, crumbly

cured meats $4 per

chilled english pea soup $5.50
preserved lemon, creme fraiche

wild mushroom asparagus truffle pudding $8.50
fresh herbs, parmesan salad

fried calamari $9
frisse, garlic confit, tomato shallot sauce

shrimp pierogies $9
shallots, sweet corn emulsion

crispy pork rib $9.50
garlic-glaze, thai herbs, peanuts

foie gras french toast $15.50
black pepper caramel, cherry gastric

saffron bouillabaisse terrine $10.50
garlic aioli, grilled bread

grilled octopus $10
celery leaves, basil, almonds, vinegar, chili oil

beef carpaccio and fried oysters $14.50
fresh horsradish gelato, parmesan, herb salad

arugula salad $9
watermelon, goat cheese, cilantro black pepper

blue crab salad $11.50
fresh herbs parmesan cheese

waldorf salad $9
boston lettuce, homemade mayonnaise, honey crisp apples, celery, curried walnuts

english pea risotto $8 / $15
wild mushrooms, creme fraiche

crayfish open ravioli $9 / $16
wild mushrooms, spring garlic, shallots, crayfish sauce, goat cheese, herbs

homemade garganelli $9 / $16
four cheese blend, caramelized mushrooms, bacon lardons

braised lamb pappardelle $10 / $18
spring vegetable ragout, fresh herb sauce

tagliatelle $10 / $18
confit of duck, chorizo, roasted tomatoes, pearl onions, sherry rosemary reduction

a la carte / old school
mussels & garlic fries $15
roasted tomatoes, chorizo, white wine, herbs

10 hour pork shank $15 / $20
cockles, english peas, bok choy, honey glaze

grilled organic chicken $14 / $19
honey rosemary potatoes, baby spinach, pork belly sauce

roasted organic salmon $14 / $19
fingerling potatoes, leeks, lemon caviar sabayon

grilled trout $17 / $22
salsify & asparagus salad, apple horseradish broth

grilled ribeye $20 / $25
mushroom potato hash, pan gravy

slow roasted duck breast $15 / $20
gratin potatoes, baby carrots, rosemary pan reduction

fries $4
garlic chili emulsion homemade ketchup
glazed vegetables $5
whipped potatoes $5
garlic herb butter
baby spinach $5
chive pancakes $4
grilled asparagus $6
warm egg, truffle butter

cocktails $9
Jo’s Martini
London dry gin, cucumber infused vermouth, assorted olive skewer

The Perfect Manhattan
Rye whiskey, sweet and dry vermouth & homemade ginger/orange bitters

Blood and Sand
Scotch whiskey, cherry brandy, sweet vermouth, & blood orange

Morello Pisco Sour
Barsol Pisco, homemade cherry syrup, lime, egg white and bitters

Hibiscus Collins
London dry gin, homemade hibiscus syrup, & lemon served long?charged with soda

Diablo Martinique
Rhum Clemente Premiere Cane, lime, & ginger beer, drizzled with blackberry liqueur

Orange blossom Smash
London dry gin, lemon, orange blossom honey, orange blossom water and mint

“On the rocks”
Daiquiri Anejo
Diplomatico Reserva rum, lime, demererra sugar?served with fresh sugar cane

Black Jack
Bourbon, lime, sugar, and fresh black berries over crushed ice

Summer Margarita
Chipotle infused tequila, lime, and watermelon with a himalayan salt rim

“With Bubbles”
Macerated strawberries in Rhum clement VSOP, rosewater, and sparkling wine

Passion bellini
Passion fruit and white peach puree with sparkling wine

Le Chocolat (or Passion)
Vanilla infused vodka, crème de cacao, touch of milk dusted with cocoa powder

Jo’s Ice Cream Soda
Bourbon vanilla bean ice cream, Eagle Rare 10yr bourbon and coke-cola?without

whiskey $5


264 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY 10012 212 966 9640