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Certified Open: Water Taxi Beach, The Brooklyn Star, Steak Frites, Baja Fresh, and More

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A update on some just-this-second opened spots.

1) FiDi: The new Water Taxi Beach indeed opened on Saturday night for the season. Will be a tourist trap for sure, but check out how pretty it is in the calm before the storm (above). Also if the mood for mini golf ever strikes, you know where to go. Pier 17.

2) Williamsburg: Joaquin Baca's (Momofuku, The Rusty Knot) new venture in Williamsburg The Brooklyn Star officially opened on Friday, albeit without a liquor license. A visit on Saturday revealed a mostly empty dining room, so now might be a good time to get in there. More info here. 33 Havemeyer St., 718-599-9899.

3) Union Square Steak Frites has quickly reopened in its original space on East 16th, almost as if the costly Cafe Society/Union Prime debacle never happened. 9 East 16th St., 212-675-4700.

4) Midtown A stop by New York's first Baja Fresh on 45th and Lex on Sunday revealed the place in its final stages of readying. They open right now, 10:30. Midtown tipsters: let us know if the lines get epic this afternoon. Meanwhile, their second location on Broadway should be ready by the fall, while a handful of other locations are in the works (though nothing's been finalized). 465 Lexington Ave., 212-599-2252.

5) Greenwich Village: The shuttered Indian Bread Co. space quickly reopened over the weekend as Aamchi Pao, serving Mumbai-inspired street food. Devi's Executive Pastry Chef Surbhi Sahni is a co-owner. 194 Bleecker St., 212-228-1909

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