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Shutter Rumormongering: Secession's End Approaches

Tribeca: We've got a Bruni/PXThis one-two punch for David Bouley's long suffering Secession this morning. First up, some convincing shutter rumormongering from Abbe Diaz:

"...i hear Secession is closing in a couple weeks or so. even though they just recently got christian-delouvrier...i'm not exactly sure, but i think the plan is to move the japanese culinary school whatever thingie into that space instead of the old greek restaurant space up the road (which kinda makes sense-- i was surprised to hear a few weeks back that space was back on the market)."
To hasten this approaching end, the Brunz files a mini review today, just to seal the deal. There is one waitress attending to the entire dining room, the red wine is "toasty" (and not what he ordered), the bread is stale, the flowers are "on death's door," while the food ranges from "appealing" to "ordinary." Nail, meet coffin.
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