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A Moveable Tweet: The Latest from the Industry Twitterati

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@kkrader: "Did keith mcnally really start crying when he saw minerta 3 star review"

@ilanhall: "Listening to Michael Bolton. Writing recipes. How am I supposed to live without you, Tillamook cheddar?"

roccodispirito: "still cant believe adam didnt win."

@GAchatz: "Alinea is looking for cooks. If you or anyone you know is interested please email."

@GaelGreene: "just saved $40 taking the subway to Locanda Verde -2nd night, foodie crowd, happy to eat Andrew Carmellini's lushly rich food again."

@petewells: "chervil? *Chervil?* You can't find it in stores, ants devour it in my windowboxes, and it tastes like air."

@ruthreichl: "Being away from my kitchen disorients me. Standing here, knife in hand, I feel my self returning to my body. Extraordinary sensation."

@fwscout: "At Table 8 NYC Govind coats a potato chip in chocolate, sprinkles salt on top--delish!. Any one seen other great junk food reincarnations?"

@KatieLeeJoel: "My car is so dirty that I Didnt recognize it...just walked right past it in the parking lot. Time for a trip to the car wash!!!"

@Lee_Schrager: "Really liked Aldea on West 17th Street. Funny to see so many foodies and critics there so soon."

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