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It's Coming: Eater's Second Annual Shitshow Week!

You didn't think this down economy would affect Shitshow Week, now, did you? Arguably our favorite special event of the year, Shitshow Week highlights the most batshit, off-the-rails, out-of-sync, chaos-sweet-chaos restaurants in the city. It is unstoppable.

How this is going to work: Every day for one special week in June, we'll review suspected shitshows throughout New York (last year's vets include Kobe Club, Wakiya, Merkato 55, Mr. Chow, and Ninja) to decide once and for all if they're Certified Shithows—or just your typical overpriced, poorly conceived cases. We'll also re-crown the Worst Table in New York, run all the industry horror stories we can get our hands on, and crank up the public shaming.

Where you come in: Send your nomination for the city's biggest restaurant shitshow. If you're so inspired, we'd also love to hear your nominations for the worst tables in New York (bonus points for photos), word on any particularly obscene menu ripoffs, and/or anything else worthy of Shitshow Week consideration. For those inside the industry: we'd love to hear horror tales from behind the scenes; we're happy to keep you anonymous, but the restaurant(s) in question must be named.

To see how this all went down last year, hit the archives. And motherfucking brace.
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