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The Shutter: Black Betty, Hanafin's, Fish & Crustaceans

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1) Williamsburg: The Brooklyn Paper brings the incredibly sad news that veteran music venue, bar, and cheap Middle Eastern spot Black Betty will close in two weeks: "Black Betty owners, staff, and patrons claim that the closing of the venue...marks the end of an era for the neighborhood the club helped transform into a cultural destination...Schmeling claims he’ll have to close because his landlord reneged on an agreement and offered the 10-year-old venue to other tenants behind his back..." [BP]

2) Upper West Side: From the tipline: "Hanafin's, a cafe serving traditional American food on Broadway between W 82nd and 83rd is now closed as the owner has declined to renew his lease." [ShutterWire]

3) Fort Greene: Cobble Hill Blog reports that Fish and Crustaceans, a hole in the wall seafood shop on 901 Fulton, has closed. [CHB]