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Adventures in PR: The Elephant/LES Girls Club Clash

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Perhaps not the best move for the LES French-Thai restaurant, The Elephant: Per EVGrieve, the Villager reports that a manager of the East 1st Street restaurant threatened to call the police on a long line of teenage girls who were blocking their entrance at 4 p.m. last Thursday. Why the girls were in line: the Lower East Side Girls Club's annual free prom gown giveway:

"Lyn Pentecost, the executive director of the Girls Club, called the threat mindboggling. She lives on the block, and called the Elephant 'a yuppie bar' and said that it 'keeps the street awake all night every night.' She claimed the manager got verbally abusive with the girls ..."
According to the report, another manager at the restaurant later apologized to the girls. We think EV Grieve has it right: "...were the girls really keeping the masses from going inside the Elephant at 4?"
· Bar threatens to call cops on a Thursday afternoon because some girls were standing in line to get free prom dresses next door [EV Grieve]

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