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Bruniocalypse: More Reactions from the Industry

Metromix hit up last night's Taste of the Nation charity event and asked some of the dozens of chefs in attendance for their thoughts on the Brunz's departure. So much for anonymity—almost every one of them (except Laurent Tourendel) had spotted the man at one time or another. Some of the best nuggets:

· In the BruniBook, the critic mentions a lame disguise he wears to V Steakhouse back in his greener days. It didn't work. Former worker and Top Chef alum, Nikki Cascone: "He was completely in disguise. He had on some kind of fake facial hair and a cap. He actually takes notes right in his lap, so if you are really perceptive, you can tell."
· Pure Food and Wine's Neal Harden gets real: "He hates us. He's never reviewed us, but we were on his blog and he refused to accept the concept of the restaurant. He thinks we are crap..."
· Marc Murphy, on a replacement: "The Times, I don't know if it'll be around much longer."
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