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Food Industry, 'Hounders Descend on 5 Day-Old Marea

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Industry tweets from last night and this morning regarding five day old Michael White haute seafood spot Marea:
@bullfrogandbaum: "the bar at marea. half full. crudo trio: shrimp, red snapper, marlin. excellent"

@benleventhal: "Last night, Marea roll call: Anna Wintour, Gael Greene, Gail Simmons, Barry Wine, Mike Stillman, The Glaziers, Wylie Dufresne, Mark Ladner."

@gaelgreene: "Foodie VIPs & media stars at busy Marea lasnight. "Much to work on," admits 3*chef Michael White. Pasta portions not big enough for me...But Road Food Warrior and I loved rigatoni w/cuttlefish, shrimp ragu and chick peas, also fusilli with wine-braised octapus and bone marrow."

Meanwhie, Cutlets says the restaurant is "much better in every way" than Convivio, while a Chowhounder files an early rave, noting checks are 20% off during previews. We're guessing there'll be enough fodder for a Good News/Bad News within the week.
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