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The Shutter: Union Prime, Times Pub, and More

1) Union Square: Grub Street brings word that the Union Prime space (fka Cafe Society, fka Steak Frites) has closed after four months in operation. Guess what it's reopening as? Steak Frites! Perhaps it's time for owner Andrew Silverman to just cede that space and focus on his City Lobster empire. [GS]

2) Midtown: Perhaps a temporary shutter, from Midtown Lunch: "Less than two weeks after welcoming back the 55th Street branch of Menchanko Tei (which had been closed for more than 3 months following a fire) Lunch’er Brian sends word that the 45th Street branch has now been closed for rennovations." [ML]

3) Park Slope: Brownstoner reports that the cafe on 581 5th Avenue in the Slope has been seized by The Marshall. [Brownstoner]

4) Midtown: @jenny8lee reports: "times pub (formerly korean buffet deli) on 40th has been reposessed by landlord. it was always empty." [Twitter via ML]