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Neighbors Begin Summer-Long Stand Against Coop Terrace

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The biggest issue of contention between the developers of the Cooper Square Hotel and the neighbors that so fiercely protested against them was the noise level at the Coop's multiple outdoor spaces. The hotel agreed to crippling reduced hours, but given the fact that bargoers can literally reach out and touch the windows of the adjacent tenement buildings and have a full view of their laundry, we knew the summer season would be an unmitigated shitshow. Would the angry neighbors grease the crowd, hurl out buckets of water, piss on the white cushions? No, but it's almost better than that. Curbed points us to new series of observations from local residents on Vanishing New York, called "Notes from the Backside":

"got to try the megaphone this week. About 2 am a drunk woman came out to the patio and wondered at its beauty. I pulled out the megaphone and said in a store announcer kind of voice “Attention Cooper Square Hotel douchebags: shut the hell up and get off the patio.”
Didn’t work. She said “That makes my new york experience complete” and continued to yammer away. The hotel made a half-hearted effort to get her out of there."
This can only get better.
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