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EaterWire: Flay Wins Throwdown, Curry Take Down

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MIDTOWN— Midtown Lunch learns that Bobby Flay won today's Sloppy Joe Throwdown at Schnipper's Quality Kitchen. [ML]

WILLIAMSBURG— The first of this year's Finger on the Pulse barbecues—events that combine local DJs and chefs—will take place on May 27th at Hope Lounge in Williamsburg. The guest chef(s) this time: the Calexico team. [EaterWire]

CHARITIES— Reminders: The Taste of the Nation, the charity event featuring dozens of restaurants across the city, takes place this Wednesday, and The Awl is offering 30% off the $275 tickets. [The Awl]

PARK SLOPE— We don't condone these cook-off things but apparently, half the food-loving world is obsessed with them. So, Curry Takedown: "Out of the goodness of Matt Timms' angelic heart, all prozeeds benefit Women's Education Project a charity based in Madurai, South India. I'm looking for contestants to compete, and also people to come out and for $10 eat curry - Jamaican, Indian, Thai, and whatever else! Mild, Spicy and Blow the Roof Off curries are all welcome! At Loki Lounge in Brooklyn, 304 5th Ave, June 14th at 1PM." [EaterWire]

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