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Bruniocalypse: The Bruni Memoir is Revealed, Pt 1

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On Friday, we put a call out to our lovely readers at monthly mags to send over a copy of Frank Bruni's memoir, set to be released in August, "Born Round: The Secret History of a Full-Time Eater." Ask and ye shall receive! We now hold in our grubby hands a copy of the coveted BruniBook, a "Heartbreaking and hilarious account of how he learned to love food just enough after decades of wrestling with his weight."

Yes, the central theme here is the Brunmeister's everlasting battle with his waistline, with some scenes involving Air Force One, romance, fine dining, and costumes thrown in for good measure. First, a general breakdown of the book. Highlights to come later, once we've had a chance to sift through it.

· Total Pages: 352
· Pages about restaurant Reviewing: 84
· Pages Devoted to El Chod: 10
· Pictures of Bruni, including cover: 23
· Pictures of Bruni with President Bush: 1
· Pictures of Bruni before he dons a wig to wear to Wild Salmon: 1
· Chapter Names: I'm Eating as Fast as I Can, Yo-Yo Me, Ipso Fatso, Critical Eating
· Advance blurbs written by: Elizabeth Gilbert, MIchael Pollan, Adriana Trigiani, Nigella Lawson, Anne Lamott, Curtis Sittenfeld, David Sedaris.

Pollan's quote:

"Frank Bruni has written a food memoir for our time, plumbing the depths of our personal and collective eating disorders. By turns shocking and hilarious, Born Round is as addictive as Chinese sesame noodles and as satisfying as Grandma Bruni's lasagne."
Stay tuned for some highlights.
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