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More Neighborhood Angst for Former Isabella's Oven Space

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You didn't think LES locals and the residents of Seward Park would take a new tenant in their building's infamous Isabella's Oven space lying down, did you? As reported after this week's CB3 meeting, residents came out against the ill-fated space's new prospective tenant Jesse Hartman—owner of the now shuttered Mo Pitkins and brother of Two Boots owner Phil— and his plan to "add something [he] thinks the neighborhood desperately needs"—a tapas joint with a large outdoor patio open until 4 a.m.

Now the Seward Park Co-Op Board and a few very vocal building residents are taking it to a local LES community forum, where things are getting ugly.

The angry neighbors claim that the noise from the planned outdoor space would be "magnified and would effect to great detriment hundreds of [...] neighbors, young and old until 4am daily," that Hartman's plans are "a truly remarkable mis-representation of the facts, and a great lesson learned about manipulative behavior." And for a final bit of color: "I am neither anti bar, nor anti restaurant, nor anti fun (and have the scars to prove it)." (We'd like to see those scars.)

In response, Hartman gets in on the action, promising board members that he plans on having patio in question fully enclosed: "Picture a Frank Lloyd Wright style wood beam structure with thick sound dampening glass." Hartman also claims he's been in contact with one of the most outspoken opponents on the forum while offering up his phone number, email address and an open invitation for a coffee date.

Important note: Hartman hasn't even secured a lease on the place yet.
—Matt Duckor
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