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Obama Garden Could Cause Cancer, Obesity, Starvation

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All you locavores and Alice Waters and Michael Pollan followers may have thought the Obama Garden was a move in the right direction. Not so according to an unhinged expert on a Daily Show segment last night:

"It's irresponsible to tell people to only eat organic and locally grown food...People are going to eat fewer fruits and vegetables. Cancer rates will go up. Obesity rate will go up...we're going to have a lot of starvation."
The most "responsible" message to send to children of America?: "...use pesticides, teaching kids how to be more efficient."

In related news, Jon Stewart's wife Tracey has opened a child-friendly restaurant called Moomah in the couple's building at 161 Hudson. Slightly different than the other celeb-owned restaurants in Tribeca, all dishes are under $10.

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