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Petraske's Mercury Dime Succumbs, Plans on June Shutter

The Mercury Dime, Sasha Petraske's unassuming coffee joint on East 5th Street will close in one month, according to reps at the shop. It's unclear whether or not Petraske will hold on to the space, but without a chance in hell at a liquor license, chances that he will are...slim to none.

And it's not unreasonable to say a large part of the blame for the demise of small space lies squarely with Community Board 3. Petraske & Co. appeared at multiple meetings last year, beseeching the locals to allow them to operate as a wine bar at night to cover the rent. But East 5th Street residents—some of whom were wearing sandwich boards—would have nothing of it. Back in September he lamented that the coffee shop was practically bankrupting his other operations, so it's surprising they made it this long. They're dropping like flies in the EVill/Noho area. Best of luck to Think and Abraco.
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