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Crimes Against Hot Dogs: The Ditch Dog

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We won't be the first to tell you that Manhattan is experiencing a hot dog resurgence at the moment. Note: the Fatty Dog, Akhtar Nawab's bar snack hot dog, Serious Eat's Hot Dog hootenanny, Sam Mason's huitlacoche dogs at Tailor and Crif Dogs, and just recently, an Asian hot dog pop up joint at Trophy Bar in Williamsburg. Looks like the recessionary comfort food trend has gotten a lot of New Yorkers to catch on to a formula that has worked for Crif's and Pink's for years.

Which is why this is a good time to remind everyone of a dog that has long crossed the line of hot dog appropriateness, the terrifying Ditch Dog, a mac and cheese hot dog at Ditch Plains (right), which has gotten some new play on the blogs. The vital question: Which is worse, this or the hot dog and fry pie?
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Ditch Plains - West Village

29 Bedford Street, New York, NY 10014 Visit Website

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