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BREAKING: Baja Fresh's 2nd NYC Location Revealed!

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Midtown: When it rains, it pours. Lovers of Baja Fresh just about lost it when they heard the West Coast rival to Qdoba and Chipotle would be opening in Midtown in the old Zen Burger space. Located on Lex and 45th, New York's first outpost is set to debut in the next few weeks. But those in Midtown West won't be suffering burrito envy. A tipster spots a "Coming Soon" sign in the window of the old Zest space on Broadway between 40th and 41st. Rejoice! No word yet on whether it's the same franchisees, but mainly we're just wondering what we have to do to get a doubled sized below 14th Street.

UPDATE: The first location, in the old Zen Burger space on Lexington and 45th, is set to open the day after Memorial Day. As for the second space on Broadway between 40th and 41st, it is indeed owned by the same franchisees, and it will open sometime this fall. [EaterWire]
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