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Kablooey! Sheridan Square Space a Danger Zone

West Village: The giant space on 7th Ave. South which most recently held Sheridan Square—the biggest disaster restaurant of aught eight—is now an official danger zone. The owners cut and run before All-County Dispensers, the company that provided Sheridan Square with its high pressure gas tanks for dispensing beer and soda, was able to get in to remove their equipment. A rep for the company tells us that if the tanks sit too long in stock unchecked, which by the way is against fire code, they could pose a huge hazard: "It could explode. You know, it could blow up. It won't blow up the building, but the tanks could blow."

He told us this happens all too many times. Restaurants close and leave their vendors in the lurch: "We don't mind eating the money you owe us. Just let us get our dangerous equipment out."
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