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Freebie Alert: Harbour Rolls out Free Bar Snacks

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Just this morning, we were mentioning that opening a restaurant on the far reaches of Soho West is an uphill battle—getting people to trek out to the windy, bleak stretch of the nabe by the maw of the Holland Tunnel requires serious incentives. And so, the newly opened nautical themed restaurant, Harbour, located on Hudson and Spring, has a new plan. Tonight they will launch a nightly sandwich special to be served at the bar—the soft shell crab sandwich tonight is a whopping $18, marginally cheaper than most lobster rolls. More importantly, they'll be offering free bar snacks, including duck fat popcorn, fried chickpeas, Chinese five spice nuts, and Amish pretzels. If you want to stay for the real deal, some background courtesy of The RG, Plattypants, and the hoi polloi.
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